Opacal is a creamy, radiopaque, ready-to-use calcium hydroxide paste with a pH above 12.5 combined with an innovative and ergonomic delivery system to achieve best in class results.


OPACAL is a calcium hydroxide paste in the syringe for the temporary root canal dressing, the pulp capping and the cavity lining before the filling.

Opacal Designed specifically for temporary root canal dressing with high pH value (>12.5), perfect radiopacity and ideal creamy consistency. Its aqueous composition and the rapid ionic release deliver optimal performance in short treatment time procedures. The unique consistency offers a perfect paste reachability (as close to the apex) and reduces the need for Lentulo instruments. Calcium hydroxide paste also restores pulp vitality, promotes the regeneration of secondary dentine and helps to reduce the sensitivity of freshly cut dentine.

Opacal Calcium Hydroxide Paste:

1 syringe of 3 ml + 10 single-use application tips 1 finger grip